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Based on the pre-migration analysis phase, we now have prioritized our databases and created an action- & time-plan for the migration & transformation of our Lotus Notes applications.
Standard Application Migration
Using Quest Notes Migrator for SharePoint, this phase migrates applications that are similar in design to standard Notes templates. These applications often have similar templates in the target migration platform. The most common templates include Discussion and Document Library

Migration Pilot
This phase involves the selection of a number of applications meeting pre-defined criteria. The applications have their designs transformed to the target platform and the data migrated to the new applications.

Custom Application Production Migration
This phase is sometimes divided into sub-phases. Applications with simple designs are often quickly transformed and migrated. The knowledge gained from these migrations is carried forward into the migration of more complex applications. This knowledge continues to build and move forward throughout the migration process. The most complex applications may be migrated into third-party off-the-shelf applications or into custom-built applications.