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Has anyone had to do a comparison between Google Apps for Business, IBM and Office 365
Microsoft has created a unified enterprise platform where usability, interoperability, and extensibility are an integral part of a clear and consistent roadmap, rather than an afterthought. Compare Microsoft and you’ll discover that Microsoft has built a platform around the people who matter most—end users and IT.



Is Google ready for your business?

​Google Apps is an ever-changing solution with experimental features that can increase complexity and the need for change management and training.

When your business needs help, Google Apps support falls short of delivering the kind and level of support you demand.




Limited and incomplete functionality

Google Apps isn’t familiar to most information workers and it’s oversimplified. In fact, Google’s own executives admit they don’t believe their tools can replace Microsoft Office.

Using Google Docs often leads to frustration with loss of document integrity and loss of formatting.

One size fits none

Google customers are given an ultimatum when it comes to delivery options and licensing availability. And because Google Apps delivers its solutions online only, clients are left with no choice but to move to the cloud immediately.


The Enterprise-proven solution

Your organization has diverse needs. With Microsoft, you can deliver the right set of tools for the right users—all with appropriate layers of security and compliance technologies. 

Microsoft Online offers a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee with a financially backed SLA. And our 24/7 IT-level phone support is ready to provide help whenever you need it.

An unsurpassed productivity experience

​Confidently share information with your customers and colleagues knowing that Office documents are commonly accepted inside and outside your organization.

Access your content virtually anywhere across PC, phone, and browser

Delivering the cloud on your terms

​Microsoft offers licensing options designed for organizations of all size so you can select only the features you need and control your costs. 

Not ready to fully embrace the cloud? No problem—Microsoft provides the flexibility to build a hybrid solution so your people can share information on premise or in the cloud.