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Assessment of Existing Environment - Preliminary analysis

The preliminary analysis is the first step in a migration & transformation process, it has to be followed up by a more detailed pre-migration analysis, where activities and conclusions can be transformed into an operational migration & transformation plan. This phase is not a comprehensive description of the existing application environment, with functionality and workflows, nor a thorough description of how to migrate/transform functionality and workflow from Lotus Notes to a new solution.










The assessment phase begins with a detailed analysis of the existing application environment. To know what to migrate ideally requires an up-to-date application and owner inventory. This list should define each database/application by

  • Business value,
  • Design complexity
  • Data complexity


However, in the real world this is not the case. Several tools and techniques can be used to get this kind of essential information. One of the tools in the market is, Quest software analyze tool.

The information collected with Quest will identify, databases that are being used, the complexity of the design and data in the Notes database. After having removed system databases and databases. The tool will help us to categories our list as follows:


Data complexity











Application complexity

However, it will not say anything about the business value of a specific application. After adding the business value and removing the databases that are not used or have no value at all, we will have a core list/matrix that allows to focus on which can stay and which can go.  This will be the basis for the next phase; the Pre-Migration Analysis.