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The essence of an Application Migration project is to move applications from an environment in which they functioned to a new environment.

The main goals of the migration are:

    to accomplish the move as quickly as possible with minimal disruption
    to maintain existing functions and meet existing business requirements
    to maintain content structure and data fidelity
    to maintain the state of data in workflow and review processes

Achieving such goals requires a great deal of expertise and experience, both on the existing platform, Lotus Notes, and the new platform. Application Migration & transformation is not easy, but it is manageable. A project will contain the following tasks. Assessment phase, Pre-migration analysis, detailed analysis and application consolidation, project management, assignment of targets, development or purchase of new application and implementation of these, design of migration jobs, automated provisioning and bulk migration based on analysis results.

The effort is made up of a number of phases. Some of the phases may be run concurrently in large application environments.