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iGlobe Exchange Group Calendar for SharePoint and SharePoint Online

A time-saving group calendar that provides essential overviews and powerful planning tools.  

It is often a constant source of irritation that information about appointments and meetings are hidden away in personal calendars. Getting a clear picture of available personnel and resources are important and will undoubtedly result in a more effective organization and ultimately saves time and money.


The business needs for group calendaring tools differs by organisation and by the context in which the employees are working. iGlobe Group Calendar is a flexible, multi-purpose calendar application designed for usage scenarios where a group needs to share or collaborate on calendar information.


(iGlobe Group Calendar month view)


iGlobe Group Calendar improves efficiency by identifying staff, their availability and location across all business units, department and sites - anytime, anywhere. iGlobe Group Calendar makes it easy for you to find the colleague you need, and for your organization to plan its resources optimally.




Use the following log-in: 

Password: pass@word1

 Advanced group calendaring Anytime / Anywhere


iGlobe Group Calendar is an intuitive and user-friendly group calendar with cutting-edge features. It provides you with access to your colleagues’ calendars, thereby improving collaboration and communication between employees and different departments within your organization. 


(iGlobe Group Calendar week view) 


You can install and use the application immediately "out-of-the-box" or extend, scale, personalize and configure it to fit the company's business needs.


iGlobe Exchange Group Calendar support:

  •  Windows 7 and 8
  •  Windows Phone
  •  Windows tablets
  •  iPad IOS7
  •  iPhone IOS7


Available on Microsoft Office Store
iGlobe Exchange Group Calendar can be found and purchased on Microsoft SharePoint Office Store

Please notice this the version on the Office Store has a limit of 100 users. Should you require more then 100 users, please contact us and we will provide you with a version that will meet your requirements