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SharePoint Scanner Plug-in 365 from WEBSIO

SharePoint Scanner Plug-in 365 is a powerful tool for scanning and composing documents from existing images right into a document library on SharePoint Online site. With easy-to-use interface of the Plug-in your employees will be able to scan documents right away allowing you to save on training your staff. The Plug-in supports:
 1. OCR (convert image to text) for more than 50 languages
 2. Scanning multiple documents in a single batch using document separator sheets
 3. Saving pages as:
    o Single document
    o Document per page
    o Multiple documents using document separator sheets
 4. Document composing from existing image files
 5. Regular and Quick Scan modes
 6. PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP and GIF output formats.
 7. Advanced compression technologies to enable best document quality with smallest file size
 8. All types of Windows-compatible scanners: simple desktop and professional scanners with feeders,
     local-connected (USB) and network-connected (IP) scanners.
 9. Multilingual user interface (English, Arabic, Czech, German, Hebrew, Russian)

Scanner plug-in demo:


For more information please contact Alon Ekelund