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Quickly import and share data in SharePoint from spreadsheets to SharePoint Lists

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful business collaboration platform. The capabilities of SharePoint (content management, collaboration, search, business application and business intelligence) work together to help companies quickly respond to changing business needs. For IT, SharePoint helps cut training and maintenance costs, save time and effort, and focus on higher business priorities.


However, SharePoint is nothing without any data!


iGlobe Integrator is a standalone SharePoint based application that allows you to import data from various sources into a SharePoint list.. A simple solution, which does not require end-user training to import data from an excel spreadsheet into SharePoint list. Its goal is to provide a very easy and intuitive way for content managers, site administrators, and SharePoint power users to get large amounts of data into a SharePoint list without having to manually enter the data or use some other more technical solution.


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Key Benefits

- Import Excel, CSV or text delimited files.
- Allow users to map fields between source and destination lists.
- Import data into existing lists that already have data.
- Check for duplicate existing records, then skip the duplicated record or update with new data.
- Import parameters can be saved and re-used for subsequent import runs.
- Import log file provides summary of success and failure records.
- Support import to Office 365

- Office 365 SharePoint App



 Make SharePoint import an easy task ”


First choose your data source and select a SharePoint list



Set up your column mappings.